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7 Best Gaming Laptop under 300 of 2021 – Full in-Depth Reviews

Looking for a budget-friendly and yet good laptop is a time-consuming task. So we want to prevent you from such a hassle. Therefore, our team has done the work for you and we are providing you with the “best gaming laptop under 300”.

Top 7 Best Gaming Laptop under $300 [2021]

A gamer is looking for a budget-friendly laptop? Well, why can’t they? We are here to help you with the selection of your gaming laptop that will not cost much. Our team has keenly researched the best laptops and the features that are a must for gaming.

Gaming LaptopsScreen Size & ResolutionProcessor
Lenovo 130 S 11.6 inches - 1366 x 768Intel Celeron (2 core) N4000
Acer High-Performance Spin11.6 inches - 1920 x 1080Intel Celeron N3060
2019 ASUS 14“14 inches - 1366 x 768AMD A6-9225
Acer Flagship CB3- 53215.6 Inch - 1366x768Intel Dual-Core Celeron N3060
HP Stream Laptop PC 11.6 inches - 1366 x 768Intel Celeron N4000
Acer 14” Swift laptop N500014 inches - 1920 x 1080Intel Pentium Silver N5000
Samsung Chromebook 3 16 inches - 1366 x 768Intel atom x5-E8000

1. Lenovo 130 S

Best Gaming Laptop under 300Lenovo 130 S (1)

This outstanding Lenovo laptop is not only budget-friendly but also has very good speed. Furthermore, you will never have to suffer because of sluggish performance. You will enjoy your gaming time. So let’s have a view of its amazing features,

An important feature you need to know:

Display screen: A great 11.6 inches of the display is available that will show you a detailed view of your game. Furthermore, to enhance the color display and resolution of the screen, the laptop is having 1366 × 768 pixels of resolution. This will improve the display quality and hence your gaming view.

Moreover, the screen of this Lenovo laptop has a LED-backlit to give you energy efficiency. Not only this, but you will also have the best value for the paid amount.

Speed: A fast speed is essential for gaming laptops because no gamer could afford continuous lagging. This only affects the performance of the gamer but also the time spent on playing the game. You will never be able to enjoy the game if the game hangs too much.

Therefore, to provide you with the best services, Lenovo has provided a speed of 2.3 GHz with its amazing laptop. This will ensure that you have the best time while you play your favorite game.

Graphics: Graphics has an important role in in-game performance and display. Therefore, you must look for a laptop that provides you with the best graphics. So, where are you going to look for it? Of course, this laptop provides you with HD graphics.

This Lenovo 130S is having the UHD 600 graphics by intel and thus, you get a good display of everything you view on this laptop. Not only the gaming but you will be able to enjoy the photo and video editing.

Lenovo 130 S

  • Powerful processor
  • Fast speed
  • SSD storage
  • Superfast performance
  • UHD graphics
  • 1 TB of cloud storage
  • Dual processor
  • Lacks optical drive
  • Lacks Ethernet port
Why this?

You don’t have to think twice about whether to buy it or not. This amazing laptop provides you with the best speed. Furthermore, you will have a year of free 1 TB cloud storage. Storage is also SSD and, therefore, you will be able to have quick access to the file saved on your laptop.

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2. Acer High-Performance Spin

Best Battery TimingAcer High Performance Spin (1)

This Acer high-performance laptop provides you the touchscreen feature. Moreover, the long-lasting performance will ensure that you never suffer from a blackout. You will be able to carry out your laptop anywhere you go.

An important feature you need to know:

RAM: You will get 4 GB of RAM in this laptop, which is powerful enough to give you the best user experience. Furthermore, it will improve your gaming time by providing you with multi-purpose use. Even if you open up multiple tabs, there won’t be any lag.

A 4 GB RAM is good enough for a number of games. Although very high-power demanding games won’t be possible but other than that, you will have a number of options.

Speakers: Speakers have an important role in gaming life. You can never enjoy a game without its music off. It would never be the same as that of the game with music. Therefore, with this Acer laptop, you are getting two stereo speakers that are built-in.

Moreover, a digital microphone that too is built-in is also available. So if you are playing a group game and want to talk to your friends while gaming, then this would be perfect for you.

Display screen: The display of this laptop is the usual 11.6 inches screen. But the amazing part is that it is providing you with HD display quality. Acer is providing you with the 1920 × 1080 pixels of screen resolution.

This amazing display quality will make you forget about the surroundings. You will be immersed in the game. IPS technology and backlit LED has also been used in this laptop. So that you could never complain about the picture quality.

Acer High Performance Spin

  • Full HD display
  • IPS touchscreen
  • Speedy performance
  • Best speakers
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • Might not be best for all latest games
Why this?

This amazingly great laptop provides you with a touchscreen display. Therefore, not only the games but you can also watch movies and your favorite seasons on it. Long battery timing will allow you to use the laptop any time and at any place. You don’t have to carry the charger everywhere you go.

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3. 2019 ASUS 14

Best Performance Laptop2019 ASUS (1)

This ASUS laptop is one of the best-performing laptops available in this limited price range. You can play games all you want and also do college work. With its speedy performance, you can rest assured of the performance and quality.

An important feature you need to know:

Super-fast performance: The speed of this amazing laptop goes as high as 3.0 GHz, which is simply amazing. You will definitely be going to love the performance of this laptop. Your gaming time will never be like before. So grab one of these for yourself.

Gaming is such fun at a fast speed and, you can enjoy every part of the game. Contrarily, this is not the case with slow laptops. If the processing speed is slow, you will face lags in the game and won’t be able to enjoy it.

Graphics: For providing its users with the best gaming time, ASUS has used the Radeon R4 graphics. This, along with the 1366 × 768 pixels of resolution will provide you a great screen quality and amazing display.

Furthermore, a widescreen with great visuals and screen resolution is provided to you. Screen size has a vital role in the provision of a good gaming experience. Therefore, 14 inches of the screen will be provided to you.

Powerful processor: For increasing the performance of the laptop, the AMD A6 DDR4- 2400 processor of the 8th generation has been used. This powerful processor will boost up the regular performance of the laptop. Furthermore, the processor is dual-core and can provide you with the fastest processing speed of 3.0 GHz.

ASUS has ensured that the customers will have to competitive satisfaction over the quality. Therefore, a powerful processor is used. You can enjoy everything that you love without being stuck at any point.

2019 ASUS

  • Wide display screen
  • Speedy performance
  • SSD storage
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Essential ports
  • Fan might get loud
Why this?

The quality of the laptop is simply amazing. With the superfast speed and powerful performance, you will love your gaming time. Although the fan might get a bit loud at the full performance that is fine with a gaming laptop. They need to be cool down.

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4. Acer Flagship CB3- 532

Best AffordableAcer Flagship CB3- 532 (1)

Another amazing laptop from Acer from their flagship series. This laptop provides you with some of the amazing features that you will love while playing your games. So have a look at these amazing features of this laptop. this laptop is less than $200 and one of the best. Here you can read another article about gaming laptops under 200

An important feature you need to know:

Display quality: The display screen of this laptop is extra wide, considering the price tag and the competitors. You will get 15.6 inches of display screen that will blow your mind. You won’t be able to focus on anything other than the game.

This display screen is not only wide but is also having a screen resolution of 1366 × 768 pixels. Furthermore, this HD display will ensure that you will get to observe the best possible visuals. So that you can comfortably enjoy your game.

Blazing fast speed: You will get a speed of 1.6 GHz that will allow you to roam freely on the internet. You will also be able to enjoy web browsing and most internet games. The dual-core processor of this laptop will allow you to enjoy it freely without any worry.

Furthermore, you can save a number of offline games and can enjoy them while you are free. Or you can simply store your favorite games on the laptop. As it provides you with speedy access and vast storage capacity.

Graphics: HD Graphics 400 from intel are provided to you so that you can have the best possible visuals. A game without amazing visuals is not much fun. You might get bored with the bad display of colors.

But this laptop is nothing like that. The choice of HD graphics 400 makes it even more interesting and powerful. So go ahead and enjoy yourself with this powerful laptop having amazing visual representation.

Acer Flagship CB3- 532

  • HD graphics
  • Flash storage of 16 GB
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Wide display screen
  • Super-fast speed
  • Won’t install MS office
Why this?

You can enjoy the best gaming time, surf the internet, or do anything you want. You can carry it to your school or college and take notes or make a presentation. It is simply an all-rounder. You can play and work on it.

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5. HP Stream Laptop PC

Best HP Gaming LaptopHP stream laptop PC (1)

This amazing hp gaming laptop is providing you with some of the best available market features. You can enjoy playing games or do whatever else you want to. Either browse through the internet, read articles, or play online games, everything is on your lap.

An important feature you need to know:

Dual speakers: The level of gaming doubles up with the powerful sound. Therefore, the speakers of a gaming laptop should be good enough to support the gamer. With this hp laptop, you will be getting dual speakers that will be facing the front. So, there won’t be any hurdle in the sound.

You can enjoy playing your game with the best sound of gaming actions. You can simply pump up the volume to have a superb sound. This will help you in getting completely into the game.

Powerful processor: The processor used in this laptop is the dual-core Intel Celeron N4000. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the game going slow or anything else. You can open up multiple tabs and enjoy your game while listening to something of your choice.

The speed of this laptop is not lacking in any place. So, you can rest assure with the great performance and speedy access.

Graphics card: The importance of graphics in the gaming world is not a thing that can be neglected. Therefore, you will get the best graphics on this hp laptop.

To level up the game among the competitors, hp has used UHD graphics 600 by intel. Furthermore, 2 MB of graphics card has also been used in this laptop. This is to ensure that the best color scheme and visuals are presented to you.

HP stream laptop PC

  • Long battery timing
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Powerful performance
  • Front-facing speakers
  • Lacks DVD ROM
Why this?

You will be going to have an extensive 11 hours of battery timing. So this is not only good enough for gaming and indoor work but also for outdoor places. It is lightweight and, you can carry it along with you and play your favorite games wherever you want.

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6. Acer 14” Swift laptop N5000

Best Value for MoneyAcer 14” Swift laptop N5000 (1)

This amazing laptop is equipped with the best system. You will be able to enjoy the HD video quality along with the blazing-fast processing speed.

An important feature you need to know:

HD display: With this laptop, you will get 14 inches of the mega display to give you more space for watching videos. Furthermore, this laptop provides you with 1920 × 1080 pixels of full HD screen resolution. This will allow you to have the best visuals so that you can enjoy your free time.

You can play games, watch videos or movies and do anything you want. The display quality is great and will showcase enriched colors and the best results.

Fast processing speed: Not only the processor but also the processing speed of this laptop is super-fast. It provides you with a fast 2.70 GHz processing speed. This will allow you to have the fastest working speed. You can quickly access your files.

Furthermore, the laptop will show a smooth and steady performance while you play your favorite games. Likewise, you won’t face any hurdle while you browse through the internet or do your work.

Graphics: Intel UHD graphics 605 has been used in this laptop so that you can enjoy every single view. It will improve the screen display and overall view of your games. Furthermore, the IPS technology used for the further enhancement of the display quality will also amaze you.

Acer 14” Swift laptop N5000

  • Supports multi-tasking
  • UHD graphics 605
  • Amazing battery life
  • Blazing fast processor
  • Full HD display
  • RAM might not be enough for everyone
Why this?

This laptop provides you with the ease of doing everything at an amazingly fast speed. You can enjoy watching your favorite shows or play all the games you want. Web browsing will be enough for your complete satisfaction.

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7. Samsung Chromebook 3

Best Chromebook for GamingSamsung Chromebook 3 (1)

This Chromebook by Samsung will provide you with an HD resolution and 7 hours of long battery life. So you can take it along with you. If you are a true game lover, you will need a laptop that will allow you to enjoy yourself regardless of the place.

An important feature you need to know:

Quad-core processor: A processor and good processing speed are needed for the great performance of a laptop. You can play all the games you want and can also do multi-tasking with the intel atom x5- E8000 processor.

This will stop any form of lag while you use your laptop. Furthermore, the games will run very smoothly and without any major problems.

Graphics coprocessor: The graphics coprocessor of this Chromebook is from intel and thus enhances the overall display quality of the laptop. You will be able to enjoy the games with the rich colors and mesmerizing view of the angles.

HD resolution: To improve the user experience and for the satisfaction of their customers, Samsung has used an HD resolution of 1366 × 768 pixels. This will improve the overall gaming experience. Furthermore, the display screen is 11.6 inches and thus, gives you a perfect screen size.

Samsung Chromebook 3

  • Wireless connectivity
  • Necessary ports
  • Flash storage
  • LED display
  • Lack Ethernet port
Why this?

This Chromebook not only provides you the best features for playing games but also is very affordable. You can do all of your school or college work and use it for gaming. It provides you with the ease of multitasking so that you do not need another laptop for other tasks.

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We have provided you with the “best gaming laptops under $300”. It will save a lot of your precious time and of course money as well. Because if you do not need a heavy gaming laptop then you don’t have to pay the price for that. Simply choose the one that is best for you.

We have done all of the tough work for you. The list of best laptops was finalized after a lot of research. Therefore, you don’t have to do the same. Simply, look at the main features and, if they go right for you, then select the one.

Our choice

If you are confused about the choice of your laptop and still thinking, then you should go with our choice. We have finalized the “Samsung Chromebook 3 or Lenovo 130 S” as the best laptop that will provide you with amazing specifications. You will have a strong body with an elegant design. Moreover, the processing speed and performance of the laptop are also simply amazing. You can surely get that one.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Are gaming laptops worth the price?

Most of the best gaming laptops are in the midrange but some are highly expensive. But are they really worth the price? If you are a true gamer, then yes. A good gaming laptop will prove itself to be your best investment in the long run.

Furthermore, if you want to experience some real gaming instead of buying and selling birds etc. do some investment and buy yourself a good gaming laptop.

Can gaming laptops be used for personal and everyday use?

A very simple answer to this question is probably, yes. Even if you think hard, you will not be able to find any problem with using a gaming laptop for your everyday use. In fact, because of the specific features used in gaming laptops, they are better than most regular use laptops.

For instance, the special graphic card, amazing speakers for best audio quality, a fast processor that can easily bear a heavy load, and mesmerizing visuals. All of these specifications will attract anyone with a fierce taste.

Do gaming laptops last long?

The service life of every single laptop varies with its manufacturing and the price paid for it. Gaming laptops do last long if it is regarding their performance and other specs. But the problem arises with the release of newer games that run best with the latest software installations.

Therefore, heavy gamers tend to change their laptops every 3 to 6 six years period. Although you won’t face any trouble using the old model for regular use and also for old games, you won’t be able to match up with the latest trends.

Should I buy a gaming laptop? Even though I don’t play games.

Most of the gaming laptops lack a good battery life because of the excessive power usage by the games. Moreover, gaming laptops are a bit heavier and much hotter than others. Furthermore, gaming laptops are equipped with a dedicated GPU. Therefore, they are more expensive.

So, if these specs are not what you want, then just do not waste your precious money. Instead, go for a good personal or business laptop. That will be best for you.

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