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4 Best Laptop for Streaming (Games & Movies) in 2021

Do you love streaming Netflix watching your favorite series? Or like streaming live broadcasts through social media? You come across thousands of streaming media a day but does your laptop meet the requirements for one of the best laptops for streaming? Throughout social media, you just click on one button and start viewing any of the broadcasts you like.

On several apps like Facebook, Instagram, youtube you watch a lot of videos for entertainment purposes now more than ever. If your PC is fulfilling the basic requirements you can enjoy the streaming experience. Streaming is a continuous process without ending and lets the vloggers or the video makers connect to their viewers in the best way.

With the improved technology, twitching has become more famous and now you are just one click away from grabbing the attention of thousands of audience. For a greater streaming experience, you can buy a versatile and efficient laptop with high-quality features and processing.

Buying an efficient PC would help you get rid of the buffering or any lagging in the visual twitching. With new and improved technology get the high-performance processors laptops with the latest hardware and software.

Twitch streaming is one of the basic necessities most people require wherewith lightweight and slim laptops you can experience a great streaming twitch without facing slow speed or mechanical problems.

For a good experience finding the best streaming laptop is a blessing for you if you do continuous streaming. Not necessarily, only the high-quality with high prices only can provide the best streaming but also some laptops at a lower price with specific features can also provide the best of the experience.

Top 4 Best Laptops for Streaming – 2021 Updated Reviews

Given below are the best laptops for streaming along with some details about their specifications so you will be able to understand the differences among all and tend to choose the most suitable laptop for you following your requirements.

Laptop NameDisplayProcessor
New Apple MacBook Air 13"Intel Core i3
LG Gram 17"Intel Core i7 1065G7
HP Envy 17T17.3"Intel Core i7-8550U
Dell XPS 937013.3"Intel Core i7-8550U

1.New Apple MacBook Air

Best Laptop for Streaming
New Apple MacBook Air (1)

The extremely thin design of the new Apple MacBook Air is just the thing you must be looking for if you are a macOS lover and have been using Apple products lately. The new MacBook Air looks almost like the old model launched in 2018 but with little changes like the changed layout of the keyboard and low price. The body is made up of aluminum chassis and the device is available in three main colors which are rose gold, space grey, and silver, and is designed so precisely.

Laptop’s Features that you Need to Know:

13.3 in the display is the perfect size for a decadent experience of watching the screen. The aspect ratio of the widescreen is 16: 10 with a high resolution of 2560 by 1600 pixels which is far better than the full resolution view and great display experience.

Although, the size of the screen is relatively smaller but still offers a great deal. If you are seriously looking for an alternative to your aged PC at a compatible price then this MacBook is the option and the best laptop for streaming.

Dimensions of the laptop are 0.16- 0.63 inches height, 11.97 inches width, and 8.36 inches depth where the total weight of the MacBook Air is 2.8 pounds which is very light for you to carry the device anywhere with you not worrying about the heavyweight or space because of a smaller and compact body.

The big-sized keyboard offers a virtual tactile response so the typing is so smooth you will feel the same satisfaction no matter where your fingers are cracking on the keyboard. It has replaced the old butterfly keyboards and the problem of stuck keys is also solved. The keys depress enough and feel solid providing a satisfying typing experience along with less noise production.

A touch ID fingerprint scanner is installed on the power button that enhances the efficiency of the device where this fingerprint scanner can be proved as a perfect alternative for lengthy passwords. It can recognize 3 fingerprints at a time. The scanner button is basically the power button but you don’t need that because the MacBook is turned on as soon as you open the lid. The touchpad is 20 percent larger providing more space for multi-touch gestures.

The processor is the tenth generation where you can choose between the cores i3, i5, and i7. Where the performance is great with 2x faster CPU functioning. Furthermore, graphic performance is also higher that is up to 80 percent faster. The memory is 8 GB with the memory and 512 SSD of storage. The storage ranges from 256 GB to 2 TB of storage depending upon the model.

The MacBook comes with 3 of the total ports of which two are designated for USB while one for hands-free cable or another such cable. It may seem a problem to some people but with the passage of time, the technology is tending towards Bluetooth connections more than the manual connection. So, wireless is the best option instead of a cable connection. It comes with 11 hours of battery life.

The stereo speakers with louder sound provide 2x more bass along with 3 microphone arrays which are capable of capturing and recording voice more accurately.

New Apple MacBook Air

  • Advanced keyboard
  • Low price
  • Ultra-thin design
  • Longer battery life
  • Without touch screen
  • Less number of ports
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2. LG Gram

Best Laptop for Streaming MoviesLG Gram (1)

The sleek design of the LG Gram laptop will definitely surprise you with the features it offers and the lightweight compared to its size. The design is so simple with the plain grey color where the logo ‘’Gram” is etched on the lid in the middle.

Although the 17 inch laptops are mostly heavy this one is nothing like those bulky laptops rather this is the slim and lightweight laptop. The hinge supporting the 17-inch lid efficiently holds the lid and manages the movement where you can easily open the lid smoothly with even one hand.

Laptop’s Features that you Need to Know:

The laptop has a 13.3-inch display that is high definition and comes with a touch screen. You can easily operate the device by touching any part of the screen. The 17-inch display with 2560 x 1600 resolution provides the best surfing experience.

The color efficacy is far beyond good; also the higher brightness level availability makes it easier to operate and understand the screen clearly in the intense light as well. You would not face any color errors and the graphics are also quite well for a great visual experience.

The perfect dimensions of 15 x 10.5 x 0.7 inches make up a smart laptop body. With these dimensions, the total weight of the device is 2.95 pounds which are quite light for such a size. Because of the metal alloy (a mixture of nanocarbon and magnesium) used in the manufacturing, the weight is so less hence making it easily portable. It looks like steel but weighs like plastic.

The touchpad arrangement in the LG is different from other laptops. It is in the middle instead of being at a little left of the chassis. This makes the arrangement of the H and G keys a little away from the center as well along with the touchpad. The keys are smoother and soft that can feel shallow but satisfying clicking feedback can be felt while typing.

The size of the touchpad is the same as that of many same-sized laptops (i.e. 15 inches) and provides a precise experience. It’s very plentiful and retreats deep into the chassis of the device with the sleek surface it is very easy to navigate across windows 10.

The CPU is basically Intel Core i7 where this LG Gram is purely made for productivity. This processor may seem old but it’s more than enough for a fluid streaming exposure. It’s a Quad-Core up to 4.60 GHz with Turbo Boost for increased dexterity. The total RAM of the product is 16 GB (2400MHz) which is abounding for refined working.

This laptop consists of 3 necessary USB 3.1 ports, a thunderbolt, a headphone jack, HDMI, and micro-SD. This enables more diversity of ports and eases to connect any kind of device to the laptop. A USB 3.1 adapter is also included for the RJ45 Ethernet connection. The total battery life of the laptop is about 19 hours but continuous usage can last up to 10 hours.

LG Gram

  • Light-weighted
  • Long battery life
  • Efficient processing
  • Diversity of ports
  • Not good for ame
  • Sound distortion at high volumes
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3. HP Envy 17T

Best for Streaming GamesHP Envy 17T (1)

The basic design is very stylish yet provides professional efficiency. The body is made of aluminum where the keys on the keyboard are also metal brushed which enhances the look of the device and it looks quite sophisticated. Along with the eye-catching design, the laptop offers the best combination of software and hardware to provide a perfect streaming experience. The drop-hinge design enables the cooling of the laptop when the lid is open and provides support for letting air pass, preventing overheating.

Laptop’s Features that you Need to Know:

The laptop is relatively lighter in weight when compared to laptops of the same size. The total display is 17.30 inches which provide a magnificent view for streaming or watching movies. The brilliant 4k display with full HD graphics gives a vibrant color combination that allows you a clear and keen understanding of the visuals without any distortion.

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In the dimensions 63.5 X 283 X 41.60 this is thinner than the previous version of Envy 17 and the weight is also lighter that is equal to 6.4 pounds. The lighter weight and the slimmer design make the portability of the laptop burdenless. Although other laptops of the same size are relatively heavier than this one. The lighter weight is mostly due to its plastic construction which is relatively lighter in weight.

The keyboard design resembles the basic full-sized keyboard pattern where the typing may not feel smooth but are relatively comfortable. The color of the keys is also silver matching the color of the chassis which creates a nice visual. Furthermore, the backlighting in the keyboard allows identifying the buttons even in low light conditions.

The touchpad is spacious with the ability to support and accurately respond to gesture movements and also multi-touch. The dimension of the touchpad is 4.7 x 2.3 inches which feel more fluid and smooth in navigating. A mesh-style speaker grill is designed at the top of the keyboard to provide a woofer effect sound for a great audio impact.

This is the 8th generation PC with a Core i7. This Envy 17 comes with a 2.7-GHz Intel Core processor, where 16 GB of RAM and 256 GB solid-state drive increases the efficiency of the operating system. A hard disk drive comes for additional storage.

With the bigger size comes more ports. For better performance of the laptop diversity of the ports is important. This laptop comes with a DVD optical drive as well on the right side of the laptop. You can find one USB port at the left with the DVD drive while two USB 3.0 ports on the left you can find 2 USB 3.0 ports, USB 3.1 port, an integrated SD card port, a compact RJ45 port, a Kensington lock slot, and an audio jack for headphones.

The battery can last up to 5 hours while using continuously. This lifetime is better than other big-size laptops which last for a maximum of 4 hours. The webcam is also high definition and has a wider angle and can capture the small details accurately.

HP Envy 17T

  • Resilient 4k display
  • Unique speaker design
  • High performance
  • 4k display non-touch
  • Not good for games
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4. Dell XPS 9370

Best for Streaming NetflixDell XPS 9370 (1)

The design of the laptop is specially built to make it look sophisticated as well as light in weight to provide ease of portability. Two versions of this Dell XPS laptop are available, one with a black interior and a silver body while others with a golden body and a white interior.

The new 9370 design is a little bit different from the previous model along with the fiber-carbon finish which makes touching feel smoother. The grippy rubber feet beneath the device provide more friction and grip on the surface.

Laptop’s Features that you Need to Know:

The screen of the XPS comes with two options one is an FHD glossy panel without the touch screen and another UHD touch screen. You can choose one according to your liking. The 13.3 inches sharp and glossy screen with 331 pixels provides a great visual experience. It comes with a total resolution of 3840 x 2160 and an HD Infinity Edge Touchscreen display. Graphics are Intel HD for a better experience rich in contrast and a brighter UHD touch panel display.

This is the slimmest model in its lineage and comes in dimensions of 7.8 x 11.9 x 0.3 inches where the total weight is equal to 2.65 pounds. The lid is not fluid in the opening rather it feels rigid and you will be needing both hands to open the lid with sharp metallic edges. The update is mostly focused on reducing the size and weight of the product but in doing the laptop lag in some features.

Now typing has become more fun with this advanced laptop where the keys of the laptop have only 1.2 millimeters of travel due to the thin design. The keys are not smooth to click rather it feels solid. This may be problematic if you are a regular typer and have used a smooth keyboard before. The 4.1 x 2.4-inch touchpad provides accurate navigation and does not contain buttons without flicking or jumping of the pointer.

The ending left and right areas of the touchpad work as buttons and can be pressed providing instant feedback to your actions. Also, the touchpad will instantly detect multi-touch gestures. The power button consists of a sensor for security purposes where it can save your fingerprint and unlock the device on your fingerprint without requiring a password. The backlight system also adds to its overall efficiency providing ease of typing in the dark.

The speakers are installed at the sides of the laptop instead of beneath the device thus providing more louder sound output without suppression from the surface. This 8th generation laptop comes with a total RAM of 16 GB, offers a great streaming experience. This model is a core i7 and quad-core with up to 4.0 GHz Turbo Boost, which enables a good performance of the device without hanging. With a fast 512 SSD, you will see a performance boost.

A 720-pixel camera provides a good quality image, especially during a video call. The battery lifetime of the device is almost 12 hours which is more for a non-touchscreen model. The ports include a standard 3 USB-c port, headphone jack at the back corner of the right side.

Dell XPS 9370

  • Vivid and rich tone screen
  • Longer battery life
  • Improved performance
  • USB Type-A port unavailable
  • IO miniaturization
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How to Pick the Best Laptops for Streaming?

Concluding, all the above-mentioned laptops can make your life more fun with more entertainment while surfing or streaming. But before buying a laptop for streaming keep in mind the following main features;


The very first thing you should keep in mind is your financial state. How much can you afford to pay for a laptop and then select accordingly with certain features at a lower price?

RAM and Processor

RAM and processor are important for faster streaming and reduced buffering. The improved the quality of RAM the faster your PC will work. Core i3 can be a good choice on a low budget.

Graphics and Display

Watching a video while a live broadcast or streaming through social media the visual experience is the most important aspect as streaming mostly means watching, so if the graphics and display are not up to the standard the whole fun of streaming will be lost.


Battery should be kept in mind because it plays a role while you are traveling or want a portable laptop. Longer battery life should be preferred.

Design and makeup

Depending upon your aim of buying a streaming laptop keep in mind the basic design of the laptop as some designs may not suit your use or if you like traveling but a heavily weighted laptop with bulk size will be a headache to carry with you.

Also, The laptop should be able to cool down the processor to avoid the burnout of the system while streaming continuously for hours.


These features play a vital role in finding the best streaming laptop for you. Now take your streaming expertise to the next level with these updated laptops. You will not regret buying one of the above as they all meet the basic requirements for a great streaming laptop.

  • New Apple MacBook Air: Suites you best if you want a budget-friendly and long battery life laptop.
  • LG Gram: Grab your attention because of its efficient processor work.
  • HP Envy 17T: Gives you a resilient 4k display and high-performance speaker.

All four of the mentioned devices will suffice your requirements very well to provide unproblematic online streaming twitches or watching movies. With the explicit display watch your favorite series and online broadcast with great efficacy.

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