8 Key Differences Between Gaming and a Normal Laptop

Laptops are classified into different categories, like, gaming laptops, business laptops, touch-screen laptops, and so on. With the advancement in technology, more and more people are shifting towards mobile devices. Whether it’s for gaming or regular usage, people no more want to stick to their cumbersome desktop.

Laptops allow easy mobility and offer almost the same level of performance as a desktop. People often get confused between typical laptops and gaming laptops. They want to know what the difference between a gaming laptop and a regular laptop is?

In this blog post, we will show you the key differences between a gaming laptop and a normal laptop. So, you can choose a computer that works better for your needs.

Gaming Laptops Vs Normal Laptops

1. Graphic Card (GPU)

Gaming laptops, unlike most of the normal usage laptops, have a dedicated GPU. This dedicated graphics card can easily handle intense graphic tasks like video editing and intense gaming. On the other hand, normal laptops have an integrated graphic card.

In gaming laptops, the dedicated graphics card has its separate memory for running graphic-intensive tasks. Normal laptops use the built-in random-access memory (RAM) to run graphical tasks.

The normal laptops are perfect for running programs that do not have high-graphic needs. For example, web browsing, data entry, watching movies, or running low-graphic 2D games. But if you are planning to use a laptop for gaming and video editing, a gaming laptop is always a better choice.

Since gaming laptops have their own dedicated memory for running graphical programs, they handle the tasks in a much better and efficient way.

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2. Form-Factor

Normal business laptops come in a sleek and slim design. These laptops weigh less than the gaming laptops, and hence are very easy to carry around. On the contrary, gaming laptops are designed explicitly for high-performance needs.

Therefore, they use top of the line components. Due to the usage of a dedicated graphic card, high-performance LCD, a bigger battery, and a better thermal system, gaming laptops are way bulkier than the normal laptop.

Gaming laptops are designed like super-cars, while normal laptops are designed just like normal cars. Gaming laptops with their out of the box design, RGB keyboard, and superb quality look substantial right from the box.

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3. Sound

There is not a leap and bounds difference between a gaming laptop and a normal laptop sound quality. Still, gaming laptops have better quality speakers. The higher-end gaming laptops use the 2.1 channel speakers that provide fantastic quality audio. All that being said, there is not a significant difference in the sound quality if you buy a laptop in the budget range. For high-end models, gaming laptops provide noticeably better performance.

4. Screen Resolution

The higher-end gaming laptops come with an outstanding 4K resolution and 144Hz refresh rate. Gaming laptops provide extreme details of every object. On the other hand, there are laptops that offer a 4K resolution display. But they are not designed to handle 144Hz.

Hence, if you are planning to get a laptop for competitive sports, a gaming laptop is always a better choice. Not only for gaming, but you can also use gaming laptops for watching movies in high resolution.

5. Performance

Gaming laptops are built for extreme performance. These laptops use top of the line CPUs that have much higher clock speed than the normal laptops.

Gaming laptops also use top-notch cooling systems that keep the temperature of the machine much lower. In addition, the SSD, and VRAM also aid in better performance of the gaming laptops.

If you are planning to use your laptop for routine tasks, you may not notice any magical difference in the performance of both these laptops. Still, there is a significant difference when you do intensive jobs, such as video editing, gaming, or any heavy-duty task.

6. Battery Life

The regular everyday laptops have a much better battery than gaming laptops. Gaming laptops are famously notorious for their short battery life. It’s obvious. These portable rigs use high-performance equipment that draws all the juice from the battery.

Hence, providing a lower battery life. Apart from the price and design, it is another flaw in the portable gaming machines that put it down the list.

7. Durability

Gaming laptops use exceptionally high-quality materials. In fact, gaming laptops are built like tanks. These machines are built to last and provide the best bang for your buck.

Regular laptops relatively use low-quality components to keep the price low. There are obviously some exceptions to it. Still, gaming laptops are much more durable than standard laptops.

8. Price

You can get a decent quality laptop for normal everyday usage for under 200 dollars. But that’s not the case with gaming laptops. You have to spend at least 500 dollars to get a decent quality laptop.

There are gaming laptops that cost several thousand dollars are even higher. In short, gaming laptops cost much higher than standard laptops. The reason is apparent; gaming rigs use high-quality components that cost much higher than conventional machines.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Are Gaming Laptops Worth it?

Gaming laptops are laptops with high-performance capabilities. These laptops provide high-class performance-perfect for gaming, video editing, and heavy-duty usage. So, if you are ready to break your bank and want exceptional performance from your portable machine, it’s worth every single penny.

Do Gaming Laptops Last Longer?

Yes, gaming laptops using high-end components. These components prolong the life of these machines by a considerable margin. These portable machines last much longer than regular laptops.

Can Gaming Laptops be Used for Everyday Tasks?

Gaming laptops are laptops with high-performance equipment. Obviously, you can use gaming laptops for everyday tasks if you are planning to use gaming laptops for daily tasks. It’s not worth the money.

Can I Use Regular Laptop for Gaming?

Yes, you can use the regular laptop for gaming if it has a dedicated GPU. The problem is, most gaming laptops can’t handle the modern-games effectively. You will need extra-computing power to handle high-end games, which is found only on gaming rigs.

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