How to Measure Laptop Size? [Super Easy Steps]

The most important thing to consider when buying a new laptop is whether it fits your needs. Some people buy smaller, more compact laptops for writing or college studying while others choose large screen sizes depending on what they plan to use the device mainly: gamers might want an even larger model if playing games regularly was one of their plans whereas professionals will likely need something bigger than average so that code can be easily read without scrolling down every time there’s text outputting from programming languages such as C#.

Whether you’re looking for the right laptop bag or just want to know your machine’s dimensions, this article will help.

If it is important that we measure our laptops according to their standard sizes then there are really only two types of people who need to read further: those without access (or money) and those with too much time on their hands!

So, how big is your laptop? Well, that depends on the model. There are many different sizes to choose from and you’ll need one with enough room for whatever needs may come up!

Steps to Measure Laptop Size [Which is 100% Accurate]

There are many things to know before taking the measurement. First, you need to make sure that your laptop screen size matches with one of our bags because they come in different sizes depending on what’s being carried inside them – just like any other bag!

Second- if buying online or from somewhere other than HP itself then always add an extra few inches onto each end so it will fit comfortably when placed next time around.”

You need a ruler or measuring tape for this part. Remember, it’s not just the screen size that you’re after but also how much space there is on your laptop itself – including height and width as well! You can find our guide here about measuring these different aspects of laptops if needed (and provide some additional helpful information).

The standard unit used throughout most websites nowadays? Inches; however we’ll convert them once done since everyone has their own preference when converting distances etc. Now let us move on to measuring devices such as DPI which refers to dots per inch—the higher number means bigger screens.

Step 1: Measuring Diagonally

To measure the size of your laptop, first, close all screens and make sure you’re in native mode (no pixels). Then tap on “umanités & Mesures” under the System section. The next step will be measured diagonally from corner to corner- this measurement should match up with what is written above it for inches or centimeters depending if they’re listed beside each other.
Next we need three more measurements: height x width alongside weight so.

To find out what size laptop you need, place the measuring tape in one corner and stretch it across to your opposite side. This will give an estimate for how large of a computer would be perfect for whatever activity that requires use – work versus entertainment purposes!

Step 2: Measuring Height

Next up, let’s measure your height! Now since you are measuring a live model so differentiating between the width and length might be difficult. To make sure that everything lines up as said in our instructions below will help give an accurate measurement of what size laptop or Macbook it is best suited for based on its dimensions (length).

Place one end onto + imaginary line connecting both ends then stretch outwards towards either side until reaching desired distance from the edge before stretching back again; repeat this process with another dimension (s) if necessary- now we have two measurements: 1st division by 2 calculation estimate.

Step 3: Measuring Width

To find the perfect size of your laptop bag, you need to measure its width. Place a measuring tape horizontally on top from left to right and make sure not too much extra room has been added when determining dimensions for other purposes; this will ensure that it fits well as part of an individual’s lifestyle without looking bulky in public settings like stores or coffee shops!

Step 4: Measuring Depth

Lastly, measure the depth of your gaming laptop to see if it’s deep or not. Place a measuring tape vertically on both sides and follow this picture for an idea about what size screen might fit yours better!

How to know which laptop Bag or Skin to choose based on Size?

You may have followed the process I described in my last article to measure your laptop’s size. However, if you are still not sure about what measurements should be used when deciding on a bag or skin for it then here they are- height (including edges), width, depth(without rounded corners), and diagonal.

These numbers will help determine which type of product best suits yours since the design isn’t always important as long as accuracy prevails!

The perfect bag for your laptop is out there, but you need to know what size screen it has in order to find the right one. It might seem like an extra step at first since bags are usually customizable with measurements already printed on them; however, this can be tricky if they’re not accurate or precise enough because then everything will fit too tight – including any excess packaging materials (the worst!). So make sure all markings match up before buying anything online!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Users have been putting up a number of questions about measuring laptop size and other queries related to it.

How to know the screen size of a laptop without measuring?

The sizes of laptops are increasing with time, and it’s important to know the right one for you. You can find out which screen size belongs in your laptop by looking on either side or inside its panels; if there is not an option available then measure yours until we get closer! Nowadays 17″ screens also exist so make sure that this will be sufficiently large enough without having any distortion when using programs like Photoshop due to their high resolutions ( Wastes Space).

How to measure the screen size of a laptop?

To measure the screen size of your laptop, you will need to use some measuring tape or even a ruler and place it on opposite edges diagonally for accurate results.


If you’re in the market for a new laptop, there are many factors to consider. One of these is how big your screen will be relative to other things like storage space and weight- which can make all the difference between being comfortable while working onsite or lugging around an oversized bag just so it feels sturdy enough when closed!

Chances are if this sounds familiar then we’ve got some helpful advice that’ll help get rid -not only-)but also keep any prospective purchases under control.

The process of measuring your laptop for repairs is finally easy with this blog. You can find out the size, bezel width, and depth as well side edges along with any other necessary information that will help specialists do their jobs more accurately!

Well, as I’ve mentioned before if you own an Apple laptop or Windows-based machine of any size then it is crucial to know the measurements. Not only will this help ensure proper fitment with your bag but also make sure that nothing looks bulky on top! Do let us know what questions may arise in regards; we would love to hear from you 🙂

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