How to Take a Screenshot on an ASUS Laptop

Grabbing a screenshot on your ASUS laptop has never been easier! There are tons of ways to take them, depending upon what you want. You can capture the whole screen or just part – it’s all up to how much information is important enough for saving in case something happens later down the line and there won’t be any other way around getting back those crucial moments again without resorting to drastic measures (like restoring from backup).

How to Screenshot on An ASUS Laptop

The three most popular ways to screenshot on an ASUS laptop are through the touchpad, button, or using pen marks.
The best way depends entirely upon what kind of device you have!

Method 1: Using Print Screen + MS Paint

Press the Print Screen (F11) key on your ASUS Laptop and MS Paint will automatically copy a screenshot to your clipboard. Open up this program, paste in what you just took with F12 followed by pressing Ctrl+V or drag & drop from anywhere around the screen into place – after which save as desired file name using keyboard shortcuts!

Method 2: Using MS Snip & Sketch

The MS Snip & Sketch tool has made it obsolete to use the old Snipping Tool. Now, with this new improved replacement for screenshots taken by pressing keyboard shortcuts or choosing from menus in Windows 10 programs like Paint and Microsoft Word – you can sketch on top of what’s being screenshot as well!

If you’re looking for a simple way to take screenshots on your computer, then the Snip & Sketch Tool is just what you need! To start using it follow these steps: activating this tool through either Windows Key + Shift S or by clicking inside of one screen area with an arrow pointing up will dim all other programs and interface elements until only background texture remains visible; from there select whether capturing free form rectangles equal specific areas within windows (such as mouse pointers), full-screen shots defined

Method 3: Using 3rd-Party Apps

Asus laptops come with some built-in features to take screenshots, but if you need more options then try third-party apps like these. Third-Party Screenshot Tools often offer additional exciting functions that even ASUS’s own ones don’t!


With Lightshot, you can take screenshots and share them with ease. The app offers more editing features too! When downloading on your Windows machine (it’s free!), just replace Print screen functionality to get started right away


The free 30-day trial of Snagit is a great way to try out this program. The screenshots are watermarked, but after that, you’ll have full access for one month without paying anything!

Types of Screenshots on an ASUS Laptop & Their Uses

There are a number of different screens you can access on your laptop, depending on the situation. Here we will go through what each one does and when it would be useful for us!

Active-Windows Screenshot

Sometimes, you don’t want to capture anything outside of your active window (the one that’s currently being worked on). And if it has a background then those colors could end up getting included in the screenshot and make things less intuitive for people who are trying to figure out what caused their problem. This is where screenshots come into play-they allow us to take full captures without having any problems with capturing other aspects like taskbars or backgrounds.

In order to avoid this issue altogether though there’s another option: using Microsoft Snipping.

Full Screenshots

Sometimes, you might need to capture your whole screen. Capturing the full-screen is perfect if you want a screenshot of an important event or just have too much fun playing games!

You can do this by pressing Print Screen (the Print Scr button) and pasting it into MS Paint for editing wherever needed; there’s no need whatsoever in saving anything separately because everything gets saved automatically when enabled through settings on either Windows 10/8 laptops – including any changes made via modifying styling options such as color schemes…

Custom Screenshots

Capturing the full screen is a perfect way of taking screenshots on your ASUS Laptop. All you need to do is press Print Screen and paste into MS Paint or any other program that supports text copied from videos/screenshots!

Common Problems While Taking Screenshots

The Print Screen key may not always work properly due to outdated keyboards or Windows versions. But don’t worry, there’s an easy solution! Here are some steps you can take:

See if any relevant drivers need updates. If so, update them & you’ll likely be able to retake screenshots again! You should also check your Print Screen key—if it’s enabled or not (sometimes they turn off), try pressing the F Mode/F Lock keys on the keyboard instead of using “print screen”. Skip this solution if those aren’t present either way though because there are other ways for getting access without special software like ardu–ius conqueror which will allow us full control over computer functions while taking decent photos when needed.


To take screenshots on an ASUS laptop, there are different methods you can use. The Print Screen key will capture the active window while Snip & Sketch tool helps with full screen captures and third-party applications provide custom scREENSHOT tools too! If none of these work for what needs doing feel free to comment below -we love helping everyone out as much as possible

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