Is ASUS a Good Brand? (The Good, and The Bad)

What are you waiting for? If it’s been about two decades since your last computer purchase, then this is the perfect time to make amends. Why not save money and get more features by buying an ASUS model instead of any other brand! We have done all research so that only professional advice will suffice when making such important decisions in future purchases – just read on…

We all know that buying a new computer can be an expensive and daunting task, but now there’s no need for stress! This review will give you the latest information on how well ASUS performs in comparison with other brands.

We’ll also cover their product performance so we have everything covered from reliability down to price range – making this easy-to-read article perfect if just wanting some basics or looking into upgrading your current system without knowing much about computers themselves.

Is ASUS a Good Brand?

Overall, the answer is yes, ASUS is a good brand. But what makes ASUS a good computer maker is a layered question

Let’s take a look at some of the qualities that make up for an efficient and reliable computer brand. All brands have their pros, but let us focus on these too!

Why We Think ASUS Is A Good Computer/Laptop Brand

The best computer brands are those which have a strong focus on quality. These companies offer not only high-end products for professionals but also affordable options so everyone can enjoy their engineered innovations and excellent customer service should anything go wrong with your device!

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Build Quality

The first thing that comes to mind when we talk about ASUS is its superior build quality. This Taiwanese company makes high-quality machines with best-in-class durability, using premium materials and sturdy designs for reduced risk of accidental damages!

Versatile Price Range

ASUS is known for its superior build quality. This Taiwanese company makes high-quality machines with best-in-class durability and tough designs that reduce the risk of accidental damages to your device!

Versatile Price Range

The vast range of ASUS products ensures that you’ll find something for any need. You can purchase a few hundred dollars or several thousand, with prices ranging all over the place!


The ASUS line of computers has been a go-to for those who want top-notch performance without breaking their budget. From the moment you pick up an ASUSTek Computer, it’s clear that this company values power and quality in equal measure—as well they should!

I’m not sure what kind of compromised design decisions could be made when designing entry-level laptops given how much money is involved but if anyone can do wonders with humble components then surely these guys must know something special about making use cherish resources efficiently…

Warranty and Post Purchase Service

You can get your ASUS product fixed at an authorized service center for a limited time, but keep in mind that they have a number of operating locations around the world and it may be difficult to find one near you.

There are also some restrictions on what types or brands of products will work with their Warranty Program so make sure before purchasing anything!

If you’re anything like me, the idea of spending extra on something that’s guaranteed to be good enough is hard in this day and age. But when it comes down to saving money by extending your warranty period – I can’t help but think about all those times things have gone wrong just when we thought they wouldn’t!

Who Makes ASUS Laptops and Where Are ASUS Laptops Made?

Unlike most other laptop brands, ASUS does not make its laptops and computers in China. The body of the device is also manufactured by them at their own facility in Taiwan with parts that are imported from Korea or Japan rather than being shipped across seas to avoid any potential issues along this journey which could damage it before they ever get there!

A story about how you can keep your tech safe without compromising performance thanks again @ASUSfor making such amazing products.

What Are ASUS’ Strengths and Weaknesses?

The ASUS laptop is undoubtedly one of the best in its category. It’s sleek, lightweight, and perfect for any user – from college students to business professionals! But like all good things there are some negatives too; let’s take a look at them now…

The first con that comes up when we research this product online seems like an accessibility issue because not everyone may be able to use these machines due to their small size (or lack thereof). Another problem associated with owning an Asus machine? The high price point- though you do get what you’re paid.


ASUS has been an industry leader in laptop manufacture for years. They provide high-quality products with long use times, affordable prices that suit any budget or needs you might have – from gaming laptops to ultrarunning batteries!


The lack of service centers is a major issue for those who own computers and need to get them repaired. Without an authorized location, your device’s warranty will be voided if you go with any unqualified person or company in order to fix what has gone wrong on their machine! In some regions there are simply not enough places that can help out when something breaks – this becomes critical as more people rely heavily upon technology at work (and home).


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Overall, you will get a great computer if choose to buy from ASUS.

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