6 Reasons why your Gaming Laptop is slower and How can you fix the same

When you think about buying a gaming laptop, one thing that may come to mind is how slow it can be. The reason for this feels several degrees hotter than the average system and there could be many reasons why standard laptops feel sluggish in some situations but when it comes down to playing games like Behemoth-level titles (which require plenty of processing power), only handfuls matter!

Reason 1: Ill-Equipped Processor

But then, you must have already invested in a laptop with an Intel Core i7 processor if gaming were one of your priorities. Not exactly!

A chip’s only good for running games when they’re specifically made to take advantage of faster clock speeds and more cores/threads that can process threads quickly without delay or stutter while also being power efficient enough so as not to drain batteries too much during long gameplay sessions were having lots going off inside our laptops might otherwise outcome from using less juice than what would’ve been needed if there were fewer processes happening simultaneously – which isn’t always possible due.

Even if you have a good graphics card, the processor is still your limiting factor. The G7-series chipsets are mostly for creative tasks like designing and working well with these types of programs because they’re slow when it comes to gaming or processing NPC’s environment – this causes lagging even though most people think that their system has enough power due to its capabilities in other areas.

FIX: This is not an immediate fix, but you can always reduce the stress on your processor by playing games at lower resolutions or even with a high-end graphics card if necessary. upgrading to an Intel Core i7 H-series chipset would also be helpful in this situation.

Reason 2: RAM Shortage

Have you ever noticed how quickly memory is used up when playing games? Ram or volatile memories are one of the handiest game-playing resources, but gamers often end up with laptops that only have 8GB.

When you add more skins, resources, and mods to your open-world game it can become difficult. For example, if the processor is not enough for processing tasks then this will put massive stress on him or her which could lead to problems with storage space i.e SSDs/HDDs.

There are many factors that cause system slowdowns, but one of the most common causes is a lack of memory.

FIX: Upgrading the RAM of your computer is an easy way to make it faster. Almost every top-shelf gaming machine supports this, so if you’re noticing that their laptop is slowing down because there isn’t enough system memory for them (or anything else), then upgrading via pre-existing slots will help out more than anything else!

Reason 3: Thermal Throttling

There is no other way around it, gaming laptops tend to get hot. However, with proper care and maintenance, your machine can stay within the permissible limits for better performance!

The surface temperature may increase due to low ventilation which ultimately leads to a sluggish experience during games playtime on those devices that protect their internal components from overheating by using extra fan slots or cooling systems like ASUS’s ADC (Air Derivating Combo).

Overheating is the leading cause of computer slowdowns. It leads to thermal throttling, which eventually results in system overloads and crashes!

FIX: To avoid the problem of heat buildup and subsequent device failure, place your laptop in an elevated position. This will help circulate air around its vents so that it can dissipate more efficiently while keeping dust accumulation at bay with regular cleaning approaches like using pressure cans or vacuums on a monthly basis!

Reason 4: Hard Drive Fragmentation

Games are demanding programs that use the hard drive’s resources to process animations. This excessive usage leads to fragmentation, which scattering game-playing elements across different areas on your computer—and this can slow down downloading times for you!

FIX: There is a quick fix for this. You can run hard drive defragmentation programs and commands to bring the scattered files under one roof, so as to speed up R&W times! While it seems like an easy solution-the results are phenomenal with quicker speeds than any other mentioned method.

Reason 5: No SSD

What’s the difference between an SSD and HDD? While most modern gaming laptops feature solid-state drives as their go-to storage module, there are still some with dedicated HDDs. Most SATA hard disk drives will be much slower when processing temporary files or playing games compared to an upcoming model that only has memory instead of both system resources (like RAM) being used at once – this way they can keep up high speeds while running programs from different folders without hesitation!

FIX: The best way to get a gaming laptop that can handle all your computer needs is by investing in an SSD. You’ll find M2 slots for upgrades if you’re looking at getting this machine primarily as opposed, say.,for work (though there are plenty of other options).

Reason 6: Malware

If you want to get the most out of your laptop, consider upgrading its storage with an SSD. Even if it comes installed at purchase and doesn’t have M2 slots available for boosting performance later on down the line – don’t worry! There are many affordable gaming laptops that can still give great battery life thanks in part to their hard drives being slower than what we’re used to today so just keep looking around until something catches our eye.

There’s no need when buying any type of device these days, especially ones made by Apple because they always come standard.

FIX: If your laptop is slowing down, a professional can help get rid of the impending issues. System scans are also necessary to free up space on their hard drives for other programs and files that may need more room than what’s currently available because malware or viruses often take up valuable storage space in computers’ memory (RAM).


The best way to avoid system slowdowns is by getting a powerful gaming laptop. This will have all of your bases covered, so you won’t experience any more delays while playing games or other aligned processes on the computer!

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